Learning Delivery Consultant

Company Name:
T. Rowe Price
Title: Learning Delivery Consultant Location: Maryland-Owings Mills
This role focuses on Professional Development programs
As a member of the Enterprise Learning team, the Learning Delivery Consultant is responsible for facilitating impactful learning in both physical and virtual learning environments while delivering consistent business value and developing employees to reach their professional goals. The Learning Delivery Consultant will demonstrate advanced facilitation with interactive, engaging, learner-focused instruction that encourages and enhances participation, generates discussion, and keeps learners focused by deploying a variety of adult best learning practices and technologies to engage a variety of audience types. The Learning Delivery Consultant will anticipate the unique learning needs of the audience and solicit assistance from internal and external SMEs and thought leaders to address those needs.
The Learning Delivery Consultant will effectively draw out key learnings and insights to help learners make connections and arrive at the "light bulb" moment, and ensure that learners are synthesizing information by continually checking for understanding. Adaptable, the Learning Delivery Consultant will actively adjust learning strategies and activities to reflect learner needs (e.g., differentiation, flexible grouping, tiered lessons, compacting, etc.) to ensure learning objectives are met for all learners. The Learning Delivery Consultant is willing to experiment with new tools and technologies and offer feedback and recommendations for improvement in course design and development. The Learning Delivery Consultant is eager for feedback and continually seeking internal and external support and developmental opportunities to improve his/her craft.
The Learning Delivery Consultant feels a sense of ownership over the content they facilitate. The Learning Delivery Consultant acts as a resource and mentor to other Learning Specialists and frequently collaborates across disciplines to influence the overall enterprise curriculum and instructional practice. By engaging associates across the enterprise, the Learning Delivery Consultant promotes a learning culture that extends beyond the confines of the classroom to promote continuous learning.

Participate in the design of learning. Participate in the design of high quality, innovative, and pragmatic learning to support business needs. Assist in the translation of learning strategies into design action plans and deliverables.
o Understand the learning needs of the client. Interface with client-facing learning representatives to understand the needs of the client. Review design recommendations, as appropriate, based on learning needs assessment results (audience analysis, technology analysis, cultural fit, etc.).
o Understand learning objectives and outcomes for content. Identify existing learning materials that may be leveraged or modified to support existing learning needs. Determine the best design options for audience fit (e.g., instructor-led learning, eLearning, blended solution, etc.).
o Provide input to ensure relevant learning. Provide insights from the learner perspective and content relevant to the audience.
o Review course design. Review course design and content, and provide input and or feedback to design team.
o Determine the feasibility and required logistics of the course delivery method. Partner with design team to ensure the implementation approach is taken into consideration to ensure smooth delivery.
o Understand and evaluate learning evaluation results. Ensure feedback is incorporated into future delivery activities.
o Facilitate learning. Promote learning and development through the facilitation of impactful learning in both physical and virtual learning environments. Deliver consistent business value and develop employees to reach their professional goals.
o Facilitate a variety of Enterprise Learning programs. Facilitate formal and informal learning. Act as a facilitator of integrated learning, including interactive face-to-face or virtual sessions, social learning, and action learning.
o Foster a learning culture. Ensure that sustainability of learning and engage learners to seek continuous learning opportunities outside of facilitated programs. Facilitate forums (both actual and virtual) that promote knowledge sharing and continuous learning.
o Ensure that learners are synthesizing information. Continually check for understanding. Leverage examples, analogies, metaphors, and learning tools to effectively communicate with a diverse audience. Connect learning to the learner's world.
o Cultivate a learning environment. Inspire and gain participation from all learners, taking into consideration different learning styles and geographies.
o Analyze the effectiveness of delivery. Leverage a variety of data to measure and analyze the effectiveness of learning delivery. Self-reflect and continually seek ways to improve facilitation skills. Adapt instructional practices.
o Understand course content. Understand course content for aligned programs and the related goals of the business. Proactively prepare for all courses.
o Stay abreast of best practices and facilitation trends. Research emerging trends and innovative materials to incorporate them into lessons plans and instructional strategies. Solicit additional context and insight from internal and external SMEs and networks.
o Engage Leaders of People. Proactively involve Managers of learners as teachers, role models, and coaches.
o Adapt learning. Be keenly aware of learner needs and styles and adjust learning strategies and activities as needed.
Deliver learning. Effectively deliver standard trainings.
o Deliver effective trainings. Instruct learners on appropriate and standard content in an effective and efficient manner.
o Prepare for content delivery. Understand learning content and review instructor notes and course materials. Understand the design of the learning materials and the learning needs of the participants in order to deliver learning effectively.
o Utilize adult learning principles and leading practices during learning delivery. Engage the audience, maintain focus, and set the tone and pace for delivery. Ensure that the learning environment is safe, inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive, and flexible.
o Moderate social learning channels. Effectively facilitate digital forums for discussions and collaboration. Encourage and enhance participation.
o Ensure learning objectives are met for all learners. Frequently check for understanding and formally and informally assess progress toward learning objectives throughout delivery.
o Resolve technical or logistical problems affecting delivery. Troubleshoot or escalate issues appropriately to deliver a seamless learning experience.
o Continually build training delivery capabilities. Seek subject matter knowledge relevant to assigned courses.
o Assess the delivery experience. Report attendance issues, class trends and learning deficiencies observed during training. Make recommendations on course design, as appropriate, to design teams. Analyze feedback surveys and make adjustments to delivery style as needed.
o Deploy learning. Support the preparation, coordination and execution of learning programs.
o Coordinate learning deployment. Provide detailed logistical planning and execution support for learning events, (e.g., room reservations and audiovisual equipment, coordination with Facilities on seating layout, travel and lodging arrangements for guest instructors, coordination of catering arrangements, etc.) as well as deployment of technology-based learning, social learning, and action learning.
o Monitor certifications. Track and monitor the status of employee certifications, assist with the coordination of technical specifications for computer-based trainings and room setup.
o Partner on deployment. Collaborate with the administration team to ensure learning is set up appropriately and scheduled learning events for open enrollment.
o Provide list of needed instructional materials. Ensure course materials are available for download and coordinate with training sites to ensure timely and accurate deployment of materials.
o Support social learning and forums. Appropriately set up and deploy the GlobalNet site for social learning programs.
o Manage systems. Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the systems associated with the tracking of learning programs and course logistics.
o Maintain accurate and detailed training records. Support data, reporting, and record keeping for Enterprise Learning.
Required o College degree and 5-8 years related work experience, or
o TRP Competencies:
Communicating & Collaborating
Planning & Organizing
Focusing on the Customer
Driving for Results
Uses Creative Problem-Solving Techniques
o New Competency Model
Relationship Management
Learning Agility
Influences Others
Working across Organizational Boundaries
Delivers Results
Focuses on Client Needs
o Job Skills:
Consulting Skills
Collaboration and Teamwork
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Knowledge of LMS capabilities

Preferred Desired Master's degree and 8-10 years related work experience
T. Rowe Price is an Equal Opportunity Employer
null Organization: Global Human Resources Learning Delivery Consultant Maryland-Owings Mills 05783

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